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For 20 years through many organizations, we have been providing help to people and companies throughout the United States.  Our focus has been providing technical solutions.  Now we are re-defining Customer Support. 

 Our services are designed to help Consumers, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses.  From proactive computer maintenance to providing telephone based and on-site technical support to Consumers and Small Businesses.  We provide services that range from free/Do-it-Yourself to monthly fees to Pay For Service. 


NEWS:  Receive 33% off our single issue support price.

  • Install our FREE support software package, HELPsperts HELPme.

  • When you have an issue, Run HELPsperts HELPme and tell us what the issue is.

  • Click Send to send us the issue, and we will call you back.

  • Your First issue will be handled at $50.  Our typical price for single issue support is $75.


Tired of having to call Technical Support any time you have a question or issue with your computer? 

Do you hate waiting on hold and being transferred to several people before you finally get an answer to your computer questions?

Would you like to have Technical Support CALL YOU when you have a question or problem?

Brand New:  Download our new software package: HELPsperts HELPme.  This package will help you document what is happening on your computer and help us fix it.  For more information, see our HELPme page.

We have published a book, "What Does it Take to Land a Job?" This book takes you through the steps associated with identifying your ideal job, identifying potential employers, creating your resume, looking for the job, interviewing, and how to keep the job. This book is available in paperback at CreateSpace and for Kindle at Amazon.

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Free computer support services are provided through our sister organization:  Here we provide instructions and links to free or low-cost services that will help you fix your computers.